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2013 Outstanding Croatian Award: Maria Franulović Petrish

2013 Outstanding CroatianEvery day in the life of this year’s CroatiaFest honoree is filled with the physical presence of someone in her community whether it is family, extended family, friends, church or newcomers.  Her home is a magnet to all and now the Croatian Cultural Center has become the gathering place...
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2014 Outstanding Croatian Award: Richard Major

2014 Outstanding CroatianIt may surprise some that the recipient of CroatiaFest's 2014 award is not Croatian at all but rather of Slovenian-Irish descent. But Dick grew up in an area of Renton that was populated with many Croatian families who had moved over from the Roslyn coalfields because of the labor strife there.  And he could relate to them being that he had immigrant coal miners on both sides of his family....
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2015 Outstanding Croatian Award: Alma Franulović Plancich

2015 Outstanding CroatianThe tapestry of Alma Franulović Plancich’s life and accomplishments are interwoven with the threads of connectivity and the heartbeats of people living in and building community. Alma’s earliest recollection was at the age of 2½ years remembering her family’s forced evacuation to a little stone house in an olive grove when the Nazis were bombing the harbor of their town, Vela Luka, Korcula, Croatia......
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2016 Outstanding Croatian Award: John Petrinovich

2016 Outstanding CroatianThe recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Croation Person of the Year, John Petrinovich, is a gentleman whose roots are founded on the island of Vis, a small island on the Dalmatian coastline of Croatia. In 1901 John’s father, Anton, immigrated from Vis settling in Tacoma......
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